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The Xeroxian empire was founded during a war on their planet they moved to a new planet because their old planet was filled with radiation. The new planet name is Echoria. The reason they left was because of all the war that happened on their old home planet their was no more life it was all in ruins They found a few ships and left the ruined planet.

Xeroxian empire

[[File:|125px]] [[File:|125px]]
Flag Coat

"May the great Eve bless your soul May the great phoenix Defend you in battle (military motto)" ()




New Dawn

Main Language(s)




Tier Tier 2
Systems 7
Settlements 7



 -  leader Xeroc the great


July 2702
 -  Official Census 10.6m
 -  Estimated Illegal Residents {{{IllPop}}}
Currency Xer currency


The colony on Echoria

The Colony on Echoria has over 9.8m people the population is growing. They live towards the north of the planet were the planet is more warmer. They have built Lots of building to provide homes for the population.


The Xeroxian military has proven power through science and machinery their are a total of 5.5m soldiers.

Ranks Admiral, General, Major, Captain, Commander first Lieutenant, Recruit.

Machines weapons

The Xeroxian empire had some technology advancements through science

and weaponry
War suit

One of their suit made for war

Most of their weapons rely on their suits made for warfare the suits were stored in case they are ever needed. Lots of their weaponry are stored. They still do have the ships that flew to echoria. They have about 5 ships they plan to put a space station out in space so they can learn more about the surroundings of echoria their were also some mecha's made they were also stored.

Military Divisions Spec ops Division, mecha Division, Shadow Ops Division, Pheonix Light Division

Ship Classes

The Xeroxian ships many different kinds of ships are sent to colonize or defend a planet.

Hunter Class The hunter class is equipped with various new weaponry and equipment these include Drone Stations,heavy cannons,heavy turrets,drop pods holds 600 personnel and military Saber Class The Saber class is a heavy ship with Drone stations, Plasma cannon,light and heavy cannons and turrets and the Crystal energy weapon holds 900 military personnel and crew

Procyon Class The procyon class is a large ship twice the size of a hunter and saber class ship. The Procyon ship is equipped with the crystal energy weapon and drone stations and Drop pods and is able to launch ships from its ship yard. The ship can hold 3,000 fighters drop ships bombers it holds about 1220 Crew members and military

Arcadian Class The Arcadian class is the size of a large capital ship it can hold about 6,000 fighters,drop ships,bombers. The ship has the strongest weapons made by the military holds about 1600 crew members and military personnel on the ship

Strom Class The Strom class is Twice as large as the Arcadian class the ship can hold up 10,000 fighters,drop ships,bombers. The strom class is equipped with heavy weapons including the Arkane heavy cannons Aetna heavy Railguns proton torpedoes. The Specialty's of this ship is that it has strong shields and can deploy drones and drop pods and holds 2040 crew members and military


Their culture of their empire has them honoring The Great Being Eve. Eve is a Celestial being that blessed the empire with good will they also honor Drak the Phoenix he is being of war he provides the will for the soldiers they are the Phoenix fire These two are what the people honor they also Honor the emperor and his family.


The Planet Echoria has Mountains Plains forests And an ocean Most of the planet is 50% water the rest is 50% land. The planets composition is a basaltic and granitic rock and altered materials. The planet is earth like So that means its breathable. The planet has 2 poles one is north the other is south its mainly frozen over their and cold. The planet has 2 moons Eve and Drak. The moon Eve has Frozen Ice beneath the Rocky surface and the Moon Drak has a brownish look on it.

The system where Echoria is in

Planets: 3 rocky planets moons: 4 Gas planets: 2 Asteroid belts:1 Dwarf planets:2 Star: Average yellow star How old is it: It is 3.5 billion years old The Name of this system: Rever This is the Capital system.

System: Akver contains 1 Rocky planet and a Ice planet 2 gas planets 1 Dwarf planet type of star: Dwarf star

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