This page is about a conflict above relevance in interstellar politics.

War of Newquay

The War of Newquay


An artist's concept drawing of the battle at the Kizim peninsula


2707 - ongoing


Continent of Eurada



Flag of Royalist France

Empire of Bearnais

Flag of sofya
Duchy of Sofya

Flag of isteria

Kingdom of Puglia  

Saint alban's cross

Empire of Anglia


Osman Empire 

Commanders and leaders
Flag of Royalist France

Jean Isadore Herispe

Flag of sofya
 Gavril Radomir
Flag of isteria

Lambert of Spoleto

Saint alban's cross

James I


 Sah Mustafa


397,400 regulars

711 warships

411,000 regulars

705 warships

Casualties and losses

Combined effort

Total Dead: 9,530

Wounded: 2,200

Total Dead: 4,102

Wounded: 6,710

Prisoners of War: 1,480 accounted for

Multiple unidentified viral diseases

Eurada final update

A map of Eurada. Bearnais and allies are highlighted in red, Anglia and allies are highlighted in blue.

The War of Newquay is an ongoing conflict on the planet of Irta between the states of Bearnais, Anglia, Osman, Sofya, and Puglia. The first engagement occurred at the Tip of Suaza, when Osman forces attempted a naval invasion to secure a forward operating base in Eurada. To protect their interests, the Anglican Empire mobilized their Suazaterrian fleet to assist the Osmans in their war with the Kingdom of Puglia, which had soon escalated into a full scale war with the Duchy of Sofya and the Empire of Bearnais.

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