The Voidborn Illuminate was a race born from the ashes of the Vraxarian Dominion after it's fall, They share some core idea's, But the two races differ largely.

Denonym: Voidborn


The Voidborn are a species originating from the ashes of the Vrax, While sharing The same reptilian features and various abilities, the Voidborn have also attributed to them large scaled plating covering all parts of the body and face, giving the Voidborn a natural defensive capability.

The structure of the scaled plates covering the Voidborn are formed with the use of biological nanites, which also make up a large part of Voidborn technology, These nanites can change their shape and format in order to best suit any situation, making the Voidborn formidable foes in any ground based combat.

A further feature to note is that each Voidborn is mentally connected to one another, removing the need for any form of physical communication, as everything can be communicated mentally.

Due to the nanites that make up a large part of their body mass, The Voidborn have a very slow ageing process, roughly 3x the length of that of a natural human cycle.

Religion and Doctrine:

The Voidborn hold the belief that one day, An Illuminate will be chosen that is strong enough to cleanse the universe of all impurities, and perfect it. It is also believed that when a Voidborn dies, the energy that was contained within their body is added to a continuous flow of energy that is present everywhere, and that it will be this energy that is called upon for the Illuminate to cleanse the Universe.

Due to this belief, All Voidborn are prepared to die and willing to give their lives wherever necessary, however it is extremely rare for any Voidborn to be seen directly by another race.

State Leadership:

The Voidborn Illuminate Is lead by a Voidborn known only as the Illuminate, And his word is regarded with a sense of divination among the Voidborn. The Illuminate personally chooses his own successor for when he dies, and this successor then becomes known as the Illuminate.

The Illuminate is the one and only leader of the Voidborn Illuminate, There is no other ruling party of state, or any other way in which the State is Governed.


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