320,053,751 km

314,053,777 km

Orbital Period 367 Days
Orbital Speed 30.51 km/s


2 Natural Satellites

67.01% Nitrogen

35.03% Oxygen

0.940% Argon

0.027% Carbon Dioxide

Vitézség is a cellestial body located in the Epsilon Eridani System in the Eridanus Constellation 10.5 light years away from Earth, it is the second planet in the Epsilon Eridani System and one of the two habitable planets, it also is home to a major human colony that established in 2237, Vitézség has perfect climate representing the European climate, it was also been discovered that the grape production here is very similar to that of certain regions of Western-Europe.

Vitézség was named like that mainly due to most of the colonists came from Hungarian origin, though the Hungarian population has been greatly outnumbered by western-European colonists.


Similar to that of Europe, also has some deserts, but mostly grasslands, highlands and cold weather near the poles. 

Vitezseg map

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