The Vespirian Soverignty

Born in wastelands of the Irisia world

Population: Projections unknown but high due to reproductive system


As they were formed from chemicals the new life found dead skeletons scatttered and used their design.

The Vespirian still have some human dna in them probably from the genetic labs overflowing at this point

They bare some resemblance to the Nividian genetic code except their skin is different. They have 2 extra lungs for storing hydrogen or nitrogen. They exhale helium.

They are naturally slender and agile with very little differences in hair colour.

They breed much faster then most species since it takes them 1 year to mature and only 3 months for a mother to have 20 children.

They dont eat regular food. Apperently they feed on the life of other animals.

Lifespan depends on whether they dont get enough food not on age. They will die from guns and starvation but not from age.


A vespirian


They are tech scavengers and on their planet there are still quite of technology for there new nation to get.

They have begun to use some Nividian technology on their goal of leaving the dieing world.

Although they put a strange spin on their technology they currently require a FTL drive.


They are a elective monarchy. If you dont know what that is then that is sad.

Ruler: Emperor Vespirous the 1st

The Emperor

The Ruler


The warships are home to men and women who do breed in the massive brood's that their race does.

Meaning warships are multigenerational affairs and can reinforce on the go.

They utilse energy weapons and rudimentry shields as well as melee weapons.

City ship

A warship in the fleet

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