Vesperian's military has been around since The Cradle's reconstruction. Armed personnel were needed to protect its citizens from the harsh fauna that Polaris pits these humans against. As technology started to become better once again, so did these troopers' gear.

Infantry Unit Types


Soldier Armour Overview

Troopers are the workhorse of the Alliance's Military force. These soldiers are tough and resilient to anything that are thrown against them. With the new armour customisation system, each soldiers ability varies creating different chemistry between squads, companies and even battalions. This diversity also creates an ability for these soldiers to adapt into any situation with the help of their team mates or just on their own.


Body Armour Overview

As time went on, tougher and deadlier enemies were put up against the Alliance's might. At the same time, there has been a growing number of great, experienced soldiers coming out from the Kolos Emergency of 2705. A proposal for a new branch within the military was approved by the High Council. Thus, shock troopers were created as specialized assets in the battlefield. The Operator branch is a special operations organisation of the Vesperian Alliance Military that specializes in shock infantry and special warfare tactics.

Ship Classifications

As the Alliance grew again over the past century of rebuilding, demands also rose up for better protection wherever the Alliance stretches its reach. VTOL aircrafts were far too inconvenient as a solution to low orbit smuggling operations ran by pirates. The first warship design was introduced by Sir Alex McCormack. The warship offered  better usage overall than other aircrafts at its time. This warship would soon be designated as a Corvette later on. Now, most, if not all, Alliance ships follow the same warship design; semi-rigid hull paired with Titanium alloys and ceramic nanocomposites.  These ships are able to soak in a significant amount of damage, 'tanking' against opponents which makes up for the lack of weaponry available.

Classification: [Heavy Corvette] Armament:
  • 90mm HE-HV Point Defence Dual-Turrets (3)
  • Sabre-Class Oversized Missile Pods (2)
Corvette side view
The Heavy Corvette is the successor of its previous standard model, which was weaker in all aspects. It is capable of taking out small threats like fighters and boarding crafts while it's also able to throw out some damage to other ships of similar size. These ships carry out most of the escort, policing, border patrol and reconassaince patrols independently or with a Frigate as its lead ship. What makes these Corvettes one of the fastest ship in the navy is that its engines are 1/3 of the whole ship, being arguably too big for the ship itself.
Classification: [Frigate] Armament:
  • 90mm HE-HV Point Defence Dual-Turrets (3)
  • Sabre-Class Oversized Missile Pods (4)
  • 15cm Dual-Coilgun Batteries (2)
  • Light Ion Cannon (2)
Frigate side view
Frigates are the main pawns of fleets. They carry out escort duties with fleets and battlegroups. They sometimes lead a flotilla of Corvettes for certain missions. With a roomy hull and a big hangar bay, Frigates are able to dish out formidable amount of ground, air or space presence for such a size. Overall, it has a fair amount of firepower to do its role as an escort and creating presence.

Classification: [Destroyer] Armament:
  • 90mm HE-HV Point Defence Dual-Turrets (3)
  • Sabre-Class Oversized Missile Pods (4)
  • Katana-Class HE Cluster Missile Racks (4)
  • 15cm Dual-Coilgun Batteries (4)
  • 20cm Coilgun Batteries (3)
  • Ion Beam Cutter (2)
  • Medium Ion Cannon (2)
Destroyer side view
Similar to Frigates, Destroyers carry out escort duties within fleets and battlegroups. However, Destroyers are more focused on ship engagements rather than troop deployment, thus there isn't much room anything else other than spacecrafts. They are also mainly responsible for aerial and/or orbital bombardment alongside Heavy Destroyers, Frigates and Missile Cruisers. Weapon placements are configured differently for an efficient spearhead attack while still being able to participate in bombardment operations. These Destroyers have been retrofitted and have gone through several upgrades such as the addition of the Ion Beam Cutters and stronger Ion Cannons as additional equipment to the Destroyer's weaponry, and an on-board AI for assistance.

Classification: [Heavy Destroyer] Armament:
Heavy Destroyer
  • 90mm HE-HV Point Defence Dual-Turrets (2)
  • Sabre-Class Oversized Missile Pods (3)
  • Katana-Class HE Cluster Missile Racks (8)
  • Scimitar-Class Ion Warhead Missile Silos (2)
  • 15cm Dual-Coilgun Batteries (3)
  • 20cm Coilgun Batteries (7)
  • Medium Ion Cannon (2)
Heavy Destroyer side view
Heavy Destroyers used to be an old Cruiser design before its specifications matches as a heavier class of Destroyers; smaller size than a Cruiser yet capable of prolonged battles due to thicker than usual armour. It houses much heavier weapons and is the smallest ship in the Navy to hold Scimitar Missiles. Most of the time, Heavy Destroyers are the powerhouse of an offensive as they are able to dish out a significant amount of firepower and could take an extreme amount of damage. In some cases, more than the Cruiser.

Classification: [Capital Cruiser] Armament:
  • 90mm HE-HV Point Defence Dual-Turrets (3)
  • Sabre-Class Oversized Missile Pods (4)
  • Katana-Class HE Cluster Missile Racks (6)
  • 15cm Dual-Coilgun Batteries (5)
  • 20cm Coilgun Batteries (2)
  • Medium Ion Cannon (2), Heavy Ion Cannon (1)
  • Ion Beam Cutter (2)
Cruiser side view
Most battlegroups are led by a Cruiser, acting as the command ship in battles or operations in space. Cruisers are also the main ship on troop deployment, housing 2 hangars that can launch atleast a battalion of different ground units and a hefty amount of aircraft/spacecraft. Cruisers can also be refitted as an exploration or scientific vessel, like the Magellan. This makes it cheaper to create than creating new vessels for different uses. Cruisers are able to level a small city due to the wide range of weaponry available to it making them capable to operate even without the need of assistance for other ships.

Classification: [Missile Cruiser] Armament:
Missile Cruiser
  • 90mm HE-HV Point Defence Dual-Turrets (4)
  • Sabre-Class Oversized Missile Pods (8)
  • Katana-Class HE Cluster Missile Racks (16)
  • Scimitar-Class Ion Warhead Missile Silos (8)
  • 15cm Dual-Coilgun Batteries (6)
Missile Cruiser side view
Missile Cruisers, alongside other ships, work on bombardments. Housing a whooping 8 silos of Scimitar missiles, this ship is able to crumble cities with just its own load. It has enough weaponry to protect itself against attacks from ships or spacecrafts, even though that it's a protocol for ships, such as these, to have escorts due to the high amount of warheads/missiles they carry. They don't have much space for any troop deployment or spacecrafts to carry but instead carry an immense of firepower.

Classification: [Strike Cruiser] Armament:
Strike Cruiser
  • 90mm HE-HV Point Defence Dual-Turrets (2)
  • Sabre-Class Oversized Missile Pods (2)
  • Katana-Class HE Cluster Missile Racks (8)
  • 15cm Dual-Coilgun Batteries (2)
  • 20cm Coilgun Batteries (1)
  • Ion Beam Cutter (1)
  • Medium Ion Cannon (2)
Strike Cruiser side view
Sometimes part of offensive operations, Strike Cruisers are mostly involved in hit-and-run tactics and small skirmishes. They use their speed to their advantage to fight ships that are usually bigger that them. A modified/retrofitted version of the Strike Cruiser, 'Holy Diver', plays its role as a stealth cruiser becoming part of covert operations deploying shock troopers deep behind enemy lines while being able to defend itself. It carries enough troops and equipment to carry out a small skirmish on its own.

Aircraft/Spacecraft types

Valkyrie - Dropship-Gunship

The 5th Generation of the Valkyrie. Now equipped with tail thrusters similar to the 4th Gen., having an advantage on more thrusting force unlike its predecessors.

Valkrie Dropship-Gunship

The old 3rd Generation Valkyrie. Still in use today by police and security forces across all Alliance systems, and by most flight corps during the early days of their training.

['Valkyrie' VDG-05]

The D/G-05, most commonly known as the 'Valkyrie', is a multi-role VTOL Dropship/Gunship that's capable of both space and atmospheric operations. It's been in service since before the reconstruction of The Cradle and has continued its service ever since; as the primary tactical support aircraft for the Alliance.

The multi-role ability comes from the variations that the aircraft can have. Valkyries can carry a selection of armaments that can be attached to different hardpoints of the aircraft. Or, less armaments can be added in exchange for more troop space or extra equipment such as a scrambler and a scanner cloak for variants such as the VDG-05c (a stealth variant). Even with the early release/development phase of the new tactical support craft (the Norn), there's still non-stop use of the aircraft itself. The over usage of the aircraft has caused it to become known as a beacon of Alliance presence.

Norn - VTOL Dropship

['Norn' XVDG-01]

The 'Norn' is an Experimental VTOL Dropship/Gunship originally designed as a replacement for the Valkyrie. However, the plan has been scrapped ever since. The Military changed it to a priority transport/support/infiltration role whilst some special units use it as their primary transport craft.

The new aircraft is smaller in size than the Valkyrie, but faster and more nimble in exchange. It has a different weapon configuration to the Valkyrie but share the same hardpoint system meaning that the weapons designed for the Norn are compatible with the Valkyrie. It shares the same cockpit design of the Sigurd and the Einherjar.

(It is an immensely powerful craft, summoned from the underworld using foul rituals to the dark gods. Its fuel source is orphan tears and puppy blood, salted and mixed with the reddened sweat of thousands of laboring and whipped slaves that work to build these mighty machines.

Their main thrusters are a new creation, which harvest the power of photon streams to create thrust, inducing a 'rainbow' effect from the exhaust.

Their hulls are made of Bullshitium, a super strong alloy that can only be defeated by Adminium tipped armor piercing rounds, which are propelled by a special chemical propellant dubbed Butthurtite, both of which are used by the Norn.

It has special nanoforges to produce unlimited ammo, and its missile load is actually a collection of Bags of Holding, each bag holding a legion of 25 foot tall cybernetic supersoldiers that can shoot lightning from their eyes and spew fire from their arse. These soldiers are clad in Bullshitium plate and the bloodied corpses of tortured orphan puppy-human hybrids.

Their onboard SuperDuperStuff reactor puts out an emission of 9001 Biggawatts, and powers a nose mounted chaingun that fires at over -inf- rounds per minute, each of which detonate with over 11 bajizillion biggatons of force, so powerful that three generations in either direction of the victim will be rendered impotent from the sheer ball-bursting power of these weapons. In addition, the bullets have their own guns, which fire nuclear rays that initiate macro-scale fusion on impact.)

['Sigurd' MRF-12]

Sigurd - Fighter Interceptor
Sigurd - Fighter-Interceptor2

Centaur - Fighter-Interceptor

['Centaur' MRF-10]

Centaur Patrol

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