A Race of Synthetic AIs created by the Eldari, in an attempt to create an Artificial Intelligence unit that would not go rampant. This resulted in multiple AI test and experiments.


On Edebitim, 100 Lilith-AI units were deployed and left to fed for themselves, and eventually went rampant.

1,000,00 years after the experiment began, the Eldari returned to Edebitim, where only 10 of the AIs survived. These AIs had notably became rampant, but succeeded in gaining sentience. The head of the AI, Lex, asked the Eldari scientist why they had abandoned them, the leading scientist remarked "To secure your future."

After the experiment on Edebitim, the Vaslilith have grown in size and power. Though having no world to their own, the Vaslilith work with the Eldari to preserve their race.

Since they are designed by an evolved Metastable AI, the Vasliltih are incapable of rampancy.

Notable Vaslilith

Lex: Queen's personal advisor

Eden: Head of experimentation of Edebitim.

==Worlds== Vaslilia

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