The Vadius System is located in Alpha Quadrant 8 (hopefully, if someone is nice enough to add it to star charts) and centered around the star Vadius Prime, the whole system is self-named by it's only known natives, the Vadian Empire, and consists of these planets Star: Vadius Prime: The system's yellow star

Gas Giants Vadios: Vadios is the closest planet to Vadius Prime, a gas giant red in color, unexplored

Solid Planets: Wickton: Wickton is a solid planet, second closest to Vadius Prime, Rumors of a rebelling Hragoski faction were confirmed false by Vadian colonization of the planet. Vadia: The third planet from Vadius Prime is the homeworld of the Vadian empire, a new government in the Alpha Quadrent, it somehow remains undetected amongst all the superpowers in it's direct vicinity. Valhet: Named for the Val'halla tribe of the Hragoksi, who sided with the Vadians, it is a planet that is under exploration and is being prepared to be colonized by them.

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