SAP II Archive
20px This page is part of the SAP II Archive, a Database of a past iteration of the Stellar Adventures Project. Feel free to enjoy taking a look at our history!!

History: The Vadian Empire's history is a strange case, A freelance adventurer, who, upon being caught in an exploding planet and nearly dieing, had a scientist restore him as a cyborg. He then got a mixture of human colonists who wanted to become a new nature, and the remnant of a race called the Hragoski, native to Mars before being forced to near extinction after they were located by human colonists, and set up the empire in an unnamed system, named, the Vadius system, there is still little known of this adventurer, he is referred to as "lord". despite their origins, there was a major setback of technology due to the fact that they brought little technology with them and lacked the resources to make new technology. The Vadians have just reentered the space age. Races: Human, Hragoski Flag: WIP Form of Government: Empire Location: Vadia, Vadius System Tech: T3 News: Colony made on Wickton, classifying the Vadians a T3 race. (I tried to make new lines, but it isn't working)

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