United Colonies of Eridanus

Eridanus Flag 1b Eridanus 1b.2 Eridanus


"Per Audacia ad Astra"

        Technological Tier:  T-3

        Species:  Human

Inner epsilon
and largest city

English, Hungarian, Czech, Slovenian, Spanish, French, etc. 

Catholicism, others,

Human, several regional and planetary demonyms,




- President György Szondy
- A Position A Person
- A Position A Person
Legislature Federal Assembly
- Upper house Constellation Council
- Lower house Interplanetary Council
- Colony 2293
- Permanent Colony 2321
- 2700 census Upwards of ???

The United Colonies of Eridanus, officially the Colonial Administrative Authority of Eridanus is a colonial government under the Unified Earth Government/Colonial Administration Authority, it consists of a union between human colonies in the Eridanus Constellation. The capital system is Epsilon Eridani, located 10.5 Ly away from Earth, this is the headquarters of the Union and the 2nd largest hub for interstellar trade behind Earth.

The United Colonies of Eridanus is in charge of administrating this colonies, seeking the prosperity of it's citizens, this means the United Colonies of Eridanus has control over legislature and judicial order in the area, while it remains under control of the Unified Earth Government. The Colonial Millitary Administration has a special detachment of naval and land forces located in the system to protect it from any menace, this however, respond to the CMA High Command which controls all the fleets.

The Epsilon Eridani System was mostly settled by Eastern-European settlers, speially Hungarians, therefore a vast majority speaks Hungarian, Czech, Slovenian, etc.

Hungarian is the official language of the most important planet, Vitézség.


The constellation was named by Ptolomy refering to the ancient greek name for the Po River.


The Epsilon Eridani system is a Colonial Democracy, The system is Federated and some laws are subject to pronvincial government while others are subject to the Planetary Assembly and most important ones, to the Stellar Assembly. The President of the Epsilon Eridani System, Jean-Yves Le Gall, is the Head of the System, Head of Government and Director of Intellestelar Affairs, and President of the Planet Alsace. The President of the System has a term of 6 years and may only be able to re-postulate for the presidency 4 times.

The Highest Representative body at system level is the System Assembly. The main functions of the System Assembly are to abide by the constitution, rights of man and to pass laws for the benefit of the system, before a bill passes to the Council of Deimos it has to be accepted in the Stellar Assembly. The System Assembly consists of 2 main houses, the lower being the Planetary Assembly and the upper being the Stellar Assembly, there are 3500 members in the whole System Assembly of the Epsilon Eridani System.


The millitary of the Epsilon Eridani System is mostly at the hands of the Terran Colonial Union, despite the fact most of the fleet is monitored by the UEG/CAA, the Epsilon Eridani System consists of 5 fleets:

  • Vitézség Battlegroup: 224 Ships
  • 1st Fleet of Eridanus: 347 Ships
  • Egerland Battlegroup: 127 Ships
  • Herakles Fleet: 159 Ships
  • Epsilon Eridani Support Group: 217 Ships

It also consists of several Orbital Defense Stations:

  • Dalmatia Orbital Defense Station: Orbiting Vitézség
  • Zsámbék Orbital Defense Station: Orbiting Vitézség
  • [Insert name here] Orbital Defense Station: Orbiting Vitézség
  • [Insert name here] Orbital Defense Station: Orbiting Vitézség
  • [Insert name here] Orbital Defense Station: Orbiting Vitézség

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