The United Alteran Peoples(UAP) is the planetary governing body that ruled Altera before the rise of the current clan system.


The UAP was not a single government but a ruling body made up of delegates from all the nations of Altera, who voted to decide matters of global import.

The Fall

The Fall was not an event, but a series of events by bot the UAP and other entities that lead to the downfall of Alteran civilization, and set Alteran culture back almost a thousand years.

Economic Collapse

The first in this series of events was the Great Economic Collapse. The Collapse resulted from mass over extension of resources on Altera, and the gross over spending of some of its largest corporations to secure these resources. The inevitable outcome of the mismanagment of these corporations and their resources was an economic collapse that reduced nearly 90% of Alterans to virtual slave labor under those who still had enough money to run any kind of business.

Governmental Collapse

as a direct result of the Economic collapse, and the subsequent attempts at damage control nearly all of the governments on Proclarush collapsed, leaving the remaining wealthy Alterans to fend for themselves in defense of their assets from the angry mobs that threatened to demolish them. This led to the formation of private armies and the establishment of new "Security Zones" by the newly rebranded corporations, eventually morphing into the current clan system that Alterans know today.

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