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The Tranichs system, located in the Anikar Cluster, is a colonized system of the United Confederation of Systems. A large system around a Blue-White Subgiant with nine worlds, consisting of three brown dwarves, a Chthonian world, two rocky planets, two icy planets, and one Neptunian planet, as well as two asteroid belts, the Tranichs system has become the site of major economic and scientific activity.

The lack of an easily habitable, terrestrial world in the system has slowed down colonization somewhat, however the vast number of worlds and moons and other objects in the system ripe for exploration, study, and exploitation, as well as the system's proximity to major international trade hubs, has more than made up for the added cost of infrastructure inherent in settling the system, with money coming from the United Confederation government, mining conglomerates, the Spacefleet Authority, and independent scientific organizations estimated to be around ₡96 Billion Confederation Credits, or about 1.1% of nominal national GDP, and growing, making it one of the largest colonization efforts taken on by the United Confederation. In addition to the Menapso system, the Tranichs system is one of only two systems in the Confederation to border the Holy Nocturean Empire and is the only system in the Confederation to border the Ingankalam, it also joins Darlon, Eratosthenia, and Poril-La'va in bordering the Ijushir Imperium; Tranichs is the only Confederation system to border three distinct foreign states and further has access to the Feroxi Imperium.

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