The Vul'Ra Expanse is a swathe of space that is controlled by a race of the same name. The Vul'Ra hail from Ru'Koton and have no leader. Instead, it is a series warlords who vie for control over the expanse. However, a binding pact known as the Ma'Skara draws them together in war against a common foe to their species. They are a race that keep to themselves, but is not afraid to embrace the innovations of others.

The Expanse

The Expanse is a region of space surrounding the Vul'Ra homeworld of Ru'Koton. It consists of an unknown number of systems, but what is known is its inhabitants are in perpetual war. Their space, The Expanse, is home to a gas-rich nebulae and a number of planets home to valuable rare minerals en masse. These occurring resources have fueled the Inter-War for over one hundred years, and could possibly for thousands more. The innovations of war make life easy for those who do not join the cause. All however, find a way to contribute. Detection systems orbit every habitable planet, keeping watch for enemy vessels entering system.

The Expanse is divided between 6 Warlords, and its capital planet, Ru'Koton. The administration of Ru'Koton is overseen by the Re'Barron, the divine leader of all Vul'Ra. He is not much of a leader over his vassal-warlords, who are very much autonomous. However, he has played all sides for the past 70 years effectively enough to make Ru'Koton a hub of economic prosperity, intra-stellar peace, and military might. Re'Barorn has expressed a desire for peace during his reign. This has been achieved partially, and what peace there is has been shaky. But as his heir Re'Zerkon, inheritor of Ru'Koton, and firstborn son of Re'Barorn, and Sk'Musc comes of age, the enemies of Musc could become the enemies of the Ru'Koton'in.

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