The Ver'los are the true master minds behind the Nividian Dominion.

They for 3 billion years have ruled in a galaxy that neighbours the milky way, but it is dead now.

It is believed only 30 of them survived but recent events show they survived in strength with billions of their nation surviving.

The emperor

A Ver'los

Ver'los guardsman

A Ver'los soldier

Tech level: early tier 1.


The Ver'los without a form to inhabit are weak but have immense psychic power and knowledge, they tend to be extremley agressive and ambitous.

They usually take over another being and complely take over its body, the original inhabitent of the body dies that time.


The fleets rally

A Ver'los fleet

They have weapons that rival all other races they have style and sheer firepower. They have battlesuits that make the wearer 5 times faster and 3 time stronger and have basic forcefields and advanced cloaking.

They have a very large fleet it is capable of toppling empires in its wake they use high powered energy weapons

Another fleet

Lord Nividia's command ship.


They are headed by one supreme leader

Nividia, He may take on the form of Keiseri Markath Avogoth but is certainly much different


The palace of Nividia


The true face of the Keiseri

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