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The Vandragians

The Vandragians are an advanced humanoid species. After centuries of endless war and destruction, the Vandragians became united under the banner of the Vandragian State. Hoping to achieve a utopian society, the Vandragians used cybernetic implants to modify their emotions, making them lose their sense of anger, pleasure, insanity, etc. However, basic emotions by means of survival, such as fear or stubborness, remain. This is the reason why Vandragians have no recent evidence of any sort of culture. 


The Vandragians are a humanoid species. They modify both their physical and mental capabilities making them intelligent and strong fighters. They strive to achieve technological advancement, hoping to learn the infinite secrets of the universe, and for complete perfection. They have two arms and two legs, but flesh has never been revealed to any foreign species, since they have genetically synthesized their armor to their flesh. 


The Vandragians have little or lack of culture, because of their belief in a utopian society would require one to relief themselves of unneccesary emotions. Yet one can argue that such belief is a piece of culture itself. Vandragians, however, take a liking to dark toned clothing, hoods, and light alloy masks, despite the implants that force them to remain emotionally static. 

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