The Origin of the Scriptures of Od'un'Ka and their counterparts Bal'un'Ud are unknown to this day however the the religious scriptures for the belief in the teachings of Ud'un'Bu. In recent years the teachings of Ud'un'Bu have left the expanse and been taken out of the Gamma and Delta quadrants for them to be passed to all intelligent races willing to accept, Or at least partly accept the teachings. The Religion for the most part preaches peace and offers a hope for the Entropic Death of the universe.

The scriptures detail three main beliefs:

  1. The Father of all things, Ud'un'Bu. Is the living universe and all things that happen in the universe are at the behest of the Father.
  2. The Ka, Main sequence stars, Are the Mothers, Givers of life, and sent by the Father to give life. They are held as sacred. To be protected and Revered.
  3. The Prophesized Ka'un'ka will be spawned, and signal the beginning of the end, Mother of all Mothers, a star that transcends all physical bounds and will be a beacon of hope at the entropic death of the Father.

Od'un'ka I

The name Od'un'Ka Translates to "Message of Mothers" it is a recount of the life givers and the ways of life in sacred existence.

Ka'un'Lae I

And from Darkness the Father breathes new life.

For what are we but of the wheel connected by the spoke,

Our life and our life will connect from spoke and spoke

For we are one and we are many, we are all and we are each.

We are strong, we are weak, we are intelligent and we are primitive.

We are both the bursting life of new born child, and the dying breath of a withering ancient.

We are eternal, we are universal, Yet finite singularities

We are all the Father and the Mother, The Giver and The Reciever

We live to die, and we die so that we may live.

Ours is a life eternal, beset not by Time, for she does not flow from Mountain to sea alone

She flows from her beggining to her beginning without faulter.

And as she flows he lives and dies a new a thousand times.

Bal'un'Ud I

The name Bal'un'Ud Translates to "Rebirth of The Father" it is a recount of the death and rebirth of the Father.

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