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The Rules of Sci-Fi

Because, what fun would society be if we didn't try to bury you in mindless rules? Evidently a lot, since we're not doing that!

The following are just some basic, simple, easy to follow rules that we expect all members to go by! By joining our group or using our wiki, you automatically agree to this and there for you can will face administrative action based upon your upholding or violating these rules. In other words? Don't be a moron and we won't kick you out...

  1. DO NOT SPAM! Posting something more than once, changing more than two pages at a time, posting useless or pointless things, or anything else of the sorts can be considered spam. Ex.: "TROLOLOLO I JUST GOT LEVEL 41 AT DAT ONE FRONT PAGE GAME!" <- We don't care, and it is in no way relevant...
  2. DO NOT EDIT OTHER PEOPLE'S STUFF! While we encourage members to correct spelling and grammatical errors or maybe an error in a fact, but changing someone's content is not allowed. Ex.: Changing the name of their empire from the "Omecronian Holyland" to "RAINBOWDASHIS20%COOLER"... <- ... *Eyetwitch* Why would you even...
  3. DO NOT STEAL! Taking credit for something that is not yours is not only a crime, but completely, utterly, entirely moronic and pointless... We want to see what YOU can do, not what some random person from some Korean or Taiwanese game company can do... Ex.: LIK OGM LUK AT DIS COL IMG I MADE *Everyone stares straight at the "OGame" Logo all over the image... <- Do people really think we're going to believe this? Honestly...
  4. BEHAVE! Try to behave appropriatly at all times! We do not need wordwalls full of arguments or misused curse words or anything of the sort of on our wall, wiki, or really anywhere for that matter... We will not take you seriously if you do not. Ex.: "LIK OGM FK U NRB IZ BTTR DN U TROLOLOLOL" <- Some times... I wonder if Humanity was just destined to be DOOMED TO A HORRIBLE DEMISE or if this is just a recent change in our luck?

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