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The Message is a massive construct created by the Khaldyr. This station is designed for organics in mind, with the purpose of diplomatic contact and to establish relationships with organics. It is considered as the best way to solve the conflicts and divides made by the Khaldyr in the past and by other races. However, more uses of the space station are considered as well. This space station is massive, with it being nearly 3/4ths the size and surface area of the Terran Moon. The space station holds one of the greatest secrets to the Khaldyr and one of the most dangerous.

However, if the Khaldyr are not met with peaceful cooperation, the Khaldyr can turn this massive station into one of the largest shipmaking and weaponized fortresses ever conceived, with the most powerful and experimental weapons ever devised.


The Message is comprised of 3 arms and the central core, with the arms being able to close at will and form a protective barrier around all the inhabitants. The arms are divided into several sections, with all 3 arms having identical areas and functions, though most of the station is empty due to the lack of specified areas for different species.


The Khaldyr designed this superstation for complete and utter dominance over most space fleets. The Message's weaponry consists of numerous proton arrays, cannons, laser point-defense systems, Neo-Halcyon missile launchers, and antimatter torpedoes. Most energy weapons would wipe out a battleship or a dreadnought in one shot due to the massive energy that The Message outputs. Most yields of the energy would number in millions of terawatts of energy.


The Message's shield specs are very strong and durable, due to the massive zero-tap reactor core. It's current shield specs are in 7,500,000 Terawatts.

Known Crew:

  • Dur'gaim (Alliance of 46 Nations/Queens) [Gamma]
  • Feroxi Dominion [Alpha]
  • Khaldyr Network [Alpha]
  • Empire of Nod [Alpha]
  • Ashogan Republic [Gamma]
  • Axiom Sovereignty [Alpha]
  • Lantea Atlantus [Alpha]
  • Other Alien Races


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