This page contains a list of legends, lore, and tales from all across the Bell Tower universe. Participants are free to use this page to write any short stories or lore for their nation or about the world. For people writing stories relating to the history of the world, please seek an administrator before posting for editing or approval.

The Khusharaat

The Khushuraat is an annual religious pilgrimage spanning a month where the people of Qalam's Great Desert leave the sands and journey to a small cave (Turned shrine) near a lake in the western hemisphere. Millions of people participate in the pilgrimage, celebrating and praying all the way to the lake, where a mass gathering and ceremony occur. The ceremony is headed by the Qalam Incarnate, the leader of Qalam's Horde. The ceremony celebrates heritage, life, and the journey of the individual.

Savastean Prophecy

One of the major religions, said to been started from the teachings and prophecies of the Prophetess Savastea during the height of the Ashatine Imperium. Savastean Prophecy does not hold any particular god figures but followers worship the Prophetess and Creation itself. Savastean Prophecy currently holds significant following in: Empire of Vritannia.

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