The Kingdom of Nelar

Basic Information:

Population: 628 321 000 

Capital: Bluemoor

Technology: T-7

Species: Elyshia Edit

The Kingdom of Nelar of Elyshia race is T-7 medieval empire ruling 85% of planet "Aria". Their species heavily prefers contact with nature and other life forms on thier planet, this results in thin spread of thier population across the planet, despite that they maintain very advanced social community.  

Planet Aria: 

Aria is habitale (For Elyshia) Terran type planet of medium size with 48% water cover. 

Atmosphere: 121 KPa: 18% O2, 5% Argon, 18% CO2, 59% Nitrogen

Highest elevation: 8 428 m

Deepest point in ocean: - 7 876 m

Atmosphere looks slightly green if one observed the planet from space.


People of Aria are united under monarchy of female "Mozu Uma". Leader in this society is selected trought genetical traits,knowledge,experience and age. Usually offspring takes seat of power after his predeccesor if no bad traits are discovered in personality.

Traditions and connection to nature is very important in this society, as because surrvival and some intelligent tasks are based on symbiotic co-exsistence with nature.

Except for royal family and their servants, whole population is equal in terms of rights. And everyone is automaticly contributing in fovor of society since the day one reaches maturity. 

There are mutiple ways typical individuals contribute to society:

  • Farming 
  • Teaching the younger
  • Guarding the weak 


People of Aria use forests as their support platforms for their dirt houses. 

Typical settlement consists of one large food storage and small living houses, farm fields and guard posts.

More populated areas might have underground structures used as food storage and meeting houses.

Capital city has developed complex underground area and 4 meters tall wall for defense.


Farm: consists of trees, Elyshians do not eat their fruits, they only feed on tree fluids and in exchange pick up seeds and help trees to produce offspring by planting seeds on optimal areas.

School: Where younger learn about nature how to defend and successfully raise child.

Guard post: Dirt house placed on high tree in order to spot possible threat and warn/protect others.

Meeting halls: Where rituals and traditions are done.

Species: Elyshia

Elyshians are humanoids ( 2 legs 2 arms ) their skin is mostly green with traces of green depending on specific trait. Elyshians lack nose and hair , they breath trought openings on sides of their skull.

Average height is 2,5 meter

Elyshians have 4 eyes which give them ability to see in 165° 

Their mouth lacks any teeth and instead consists of small "straws" , this means they are herbivores.

They have 4 fingers on each hand and no toes, instead their legs are designed to run at great speeds (85 km/h max ) 

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