The war for the throne

Orbit above Irisia

The Great Irisian war happened 100 hundred years after the foundation of the dominion. The Keiseri won eventully

The forces of the Keiseri attempted to seize all the moons this caused the 6 moons to ally with the 7thn and the main planet Vespirians in a war to stop the Keiseri

The battle for the capitial

The great battle of the dark siege.

A gamble happened which invovled the alliance to engage the Keiseri's fleet above the capitial. 

They soon landed a massive force. The two armies came in full strength the battle was called Dalingrad as it was a slaughter street by street the battle went armoured warmachines and bombers wreaking havoc eventully it turned into a tsunami of white blood when it started outside the palace of the Keiseri

The final battle

Blood bath occurs near the palace

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