The Federal Republic of Kelowna is a Federation on the planet of Langara. One of three major powers on the planet of Langara, Kelowna first arose as a regional power in the equivalent to earth's Renaissance era. After King Edwadi I rose to power, the invention of the cannon led to the ambitious military campaigns that would lead to the rise of the Kelownan Empire. The Kelownan Empire eventually encompassed much of the West Newland and Martouf Island continents. After the Great War the Kelownan was in so much debt a policy of decolonization was inevitable. Much of the Empire gained independence and in the Second Great War, Kelowna's weakened empire fell at the hands of the Opposite Powers. After years of oppression and the death of the Kelownan Monarchy, the Opposite Powers fell after multiple assassination attempts on the Supreme Chancellor succeeded in the dissolution of the Opposite Union of Austrias and Rumarigan. Not more than a week later the Supreme Chancellor of the Kelownan Province was overthrown and the Federation was declared. Since then the Federation now maintains a clean society and is one of the three global superpowers.


The the name Kelowna has been used for the Kelownan area for centuries, ever since recorded time. After seceeding from the Murano Empire in 987 ME (Equivalent to CE) the tribes in the area united under a single rule that developed by 1100 ME into a Kingdom. Throughout the Black Ages numerous tyrants ruled as King of Kelowna earning it a bad regional reputation. It engaged in hostilities regularly with surrounding states. Under the rule of King Edwadi I the cannon was developed and quickly adapted for use in both ships and on land. King Edwadi started to build up the Navy and Army. After 20 years of build up, he made his move. He invaded the neighboring nations of Gotmenst and Helogravia quickly laying seige to their castles and fortresses. Within two years both nations were overrun. The new United Kingdom of Kelowna and Helogravia quickly demonstrated it's naval superiority over surrounding nations almost completely obliterating the Aldari Armada in the first year of the Thirty Years War.

Colonial Age

By 1710 ME Kelowna had discovered and colonized along with the Kingdom of Aldari the Island of Martouf. From Martouf a large landmass had continuously been spotted by fisherman to the west. The first Queen of Kelowna, Victoire-Andrea, dispatched a ship to explore such landmass and if possible, claim it for Kelowna before the Aldari did.

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