Flag of the Empire of Calisto------------------------------------------------------- Capital: Meridian City, Calisto ------------------------------------------------------- Population: 8.35 Trillion ------------------------------------------------------- Languages: Calistan, Standard ------------------------------------------------------- Demonym: Calistan ------------------------------------------------------- Goverment: Parliamentary Monarchy/Direct Monarchy ------------------------------------------------------- Current Tech Tier Level: TBD by Admins ------------------------------------------------------- Timeline of the Empire: Meridian Empire: 750 BC - AD 275 Empire of Calisto: AD 275 - Present


The Empire of Calisto is one of the longest lasting Empires in the Milky Way Galaxy.

They hail from the planet Calisto, on the fringes of the Orion Arm in the Milky Way Galaxy, and control a medium-sized portion of the fringes of Space.

The Calistans have been around since 750 BC, known as the Meridians, until a brilliant leader known as Alishtan Aznumar succeeded in unifying the Meridian and Kataran Empires, and made the capitol of the newly formed Calistan Empire, the Court of Aznumar.

The Meridian Empire

The Prelude to the Calistan People was the rise of the Meridians, an advanced humanoid species in and around their namesake river, the River Meridan, which runs through current-day Meridian City, under the Grand Bridge of the Court of Aznumar.

The Calistan Empire

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