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A rather pissed-off Alteran male.


The Alterans appear to be similar to humans in basic musculature, but that is where the similarity ends.

Many Alterans have no nose, but slits for the opening of their nostrils. Additionally, many Alteran have large jutting canine teeth, aswell as very thick mucles, easily visible beneath their skin.


Typically one's stature within Alteran society is dependent on wealth and lineage, for instance the blood line of a greatly respected general is slightly higher within society than another bloodline of equal wealth that lacks such a member.


Not much is known about the history of the Alteran people, since many records were destroyed or otherwise lost during the Fall. The only recorded history the Alteran people have starts about 200 years ago with the rise of the clan system in the chaos of Post-Fall Altera, any knowledge, if it can be considered such, from before the fall comes from oral tradition that was carried for decades between the fall and the rise of the clans.