Terran Colonial Navy

Marine Terrien Colonial


"To be decided"


Active:        2140-Present

Race:        Humans

Size:         Several Fleets

Garrison/HQ:    Earth

Nickname:        ---

Colours:        ---

The Terran Colonial navy was established in 2140 when Humanity began the colonization of the Solar System. Through time, the TCN evolved and grew bigger as humanity developed faster ways of travelling and expanding.

Fleets and Battlegroups

Sol Defense Armada

  • 1st Earth Defense Fleet
  • Inner Belt Battlegroup
  • 2nd Earth Defense Fleet
  • Jovian Auxiliary Fleet (REPURPOSING)
  • Oort Battlegroup

Inner Colonial Fleets

  • Epsilon Eridani Support Group
  • 1st Fleet of Eridani
  • Egerland Battlegroup
  • Bernand's Fleet

Colonial Support Vessels

  • TCS Eridanus
  • TCS Luna
  • TCS Ryionia
  • TCS Mombasa
  • TCS Challenger

Ship Designs



Emergency Priority Order 097532-A-1

Better know as the "Joe Protocol". Named after Admiral Joseph Vettel.

This Protocol is endured to protect Earth and all the allied colonies from a possible alien invasion, this protocol takes action when a hostile alien force is encountered, all millitary, government and private spacecraft/facilities purge the navigational data in case something of the following happens:

Alien Forces are detected and..

  • have boarded/are attempting to board.
  • have boarded a connected vessel/facility
  • have detected a millitary, government or private spacecraft/facility that is incapable of immediate Slipstream travel.

In the case that an immediate jump into Slispstream space is an option:

  • All millitary, government or private spacecraft/facility capable of doing so must initiate and immediate Slisptream jump into a ramdomized vector with an exit in deep interstellar space. At least three jumps must be made before heading into a human operated port.

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