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The united kingdoms of the Sterkrthyóth is the collected kingdoms of the people of Sterkrheim. While technically existing as seperate kingdoms the union has a council in which is decided which kingdom will commit what to the union.

The kingdoms are as follows:

  • Veithimathríki
  • Járnríki
  • Fróthleikríki
  • Laufsblathríki

Current Sterkrthyóth date: Tekr:11~831

Day Length:37.5 hours The Sterkrthyóth Day

Month length:22-23 Skerkrthyóth Days

Months per year:25

Year length:565

Months:ak(22),da(22),nery(23),sárl(23),dr(23),kr(22),sakr(22),rikr(23),rothr(23),ut(23),natr(22),huk(22),nem(23),bekr(23),dóth(23),thíkó(22),sló(22),virtho(23),kagr(23), stakr(23),tekr(22),heikr(22),dein(23),meikó(23),skar(23)

Variation in month length is due to the effect of the two moons on eachothers orbit around Sterkrthyóth, every two months for a three month period both sattelites Hath And Seth are almost synchronised in orbit until Seth breaks free of synchronisation, This synchronisation of orbits has a gravitational effect on eachother slowing eachother down marginly, making the orbit period slower by a day.

3645957-fractal world code

To be finished when i get home from christmas shopping. God have mercy on my soul.

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