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The Spirian Unification Initiative was a group of mercenaries and diplomats who were formed after the collapse of the first Spirian Confederacy. Their formation was in the year 2730 when the Spirian supreme parliament decided there should be a recovery program just in case the unity that held the confederacy together broke. The Spirian Unification Initiative was founded by a young member of the parliament named Livik Russev after the order was given out by Falisax Gurti (The Last President of the Confederacy). The Initiative hid in the shadows after the collapse of the confederacy and decided to spread a revolution by word of mouth from person to person. This 'Spoken Revolution' failed and the Initiative was too weak to use brute force, so they took the only option available. That option was to wait for a saviour.

Eventually the Defenders of the Caste came into contact after a scouting mission around the last Initiative headquarters in Triyuva. The Initiative were extremely excited when they heard of a fully armed fleet who were in support of unification. To this day the Initiative are protected by the Defenders.

The Initiative has now merged into the second Confederacy and does not exist.

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