"O bhr bhuva sva

Tat savitur vareya 

Bhargo devasya dhmahi 

dhiyo yo na pracodayt "

(Gayatri Mantra, Sanskrit)

"Oh God! Thou art the Giver of Life,

Remover of pain and sorrow, 

The Bestower of happiness, 

Oh! Creator of the Universe, 

May we receive thy supreme sin-destroying light, 

May Thou guide our intellect in the right direction."




Capital and
Largest city Strassno
Official languages English
National language English
Demonym Sobornosti

Constitutional Parliamentary Democratic Republic

President Arto Kelokoski (Sobornosti Coalition Party)
Prime Minister Johann Lindenberg (SSDP)
Legislature Parliament
Total Something km2
Water (%) 34
Ice (%) 33
2700 estimate 10,632.543.094
Density Something/km2
GDP (PPP) 2700 estimate
Total Something trillion
Per capita Something
GDP (nominal) 2700 estimate
Total Something trillion
Per capita Something
Gini (2700) Something
HDI (2700) Something
Currency UN Credits [cR]
something something
something something
Techonological Tier 2
something something
something something
something something

Sobornost is a Terran-colonist nation based on Antares. On 2400s The Unified Earth Government colonized Antares gamma. However because of internal problems soon UEG would have to abandon the colony and they left it alone. Certain of UEG's destruction people started forming a government, elections after elections were held until one time majority voted for democracy while the rest voted for dictatorship. The first elected Head of State was Alex Strast a former UEG official. This marked the birth of Sobornost. Sobornost is generally peaceful commerce and construction based nation. Sobornost specializes in robotics, computers, energy technologies and engineering along with ballistics, missiles and drive systems including FTL.

"Sobornost in the life of a certain multitude of people sharing a common fate – above all, a common past and common cultural and historical traditions" -Semyon Frank (1877-1950)


Sobornost currently holds three star systems.

Star systems:





Antares (Antares Gamma) (Antares)

Tarazed (Tarazed Beta) (Tarazed)

Sanctuary (Serenidad Minor) (Serenidad)

Notable Stations:

Antares Prime

Antares C/M Driveyards



Sobornost's FTL drive could not really be called FTL after all it brings the destination closer to you as it folds space so it really isn't FTL. This drive is extremely dependent on computers to make the calculations for the coordinates takes few minutes but it compensates for this with a near instant form of travelling between point A and point B simply called jumping.

Unique Weapon

Maelstrom, is a shield generated directly from ship's FTL drive and when activated causes anything that would hit the shield during the duration of the shield which is about 2 minutes to jump to coordinates calculated before activation so that it can be used to actually return the enemy shots to sender. Due to the time it takes to recharge after it has been used jumping or using the shield again cannot be done until 4 hours later.


Sobornost is lead by a Parliament consisting of 700 parliamentarians voted by populace The parliamentarians come from a number of different parties like Sobornosti Coalition Party. From parliamentarians are chosen 17 ministers to work as defence minister culture minister or pretty much any area.

Current parties in parliament:

  • Sobornosti Coalition Party: Right wing, 250 members in parliament.
  • Sobornost Social Democratic Party: Left wing, 175 members in parliament
  • Workers Union: Left wing, 155 members in parliament
  • Pro-Terran Syndicate: Right wing, 100 members in parliament
  • The Green Party: Right wing, 15 members in parliament
  • Christian Democrats: Right wing, 5 members in parliament


Active Fleets

Defensive Fleets:

Antares Defence Fleet [IN ORBIT] [ANTARES] [600 VESSELS] [Leviathan: Sleipnir]

<p style="color:rgb(0,0,0);font-family:sans-serif;font-size:12px;line-height:13.199999809265137px;">Tarazed Defence Fleet [IN ORBIT] [TARAZED] [400 VESSELS] [Leviathan: Thermopylae]

Sanctuary Defence Fleet [IN ORBIT] [SANCTUARY] [340 VESSELS] [Leviathan: Napoleon Bonaparte]

Civilian Fleets:

1st Colonization Fleet [IN ORBIT] [ANTARES] [25 VESSELS]


Battlegroup Leonidas [IN ORBIT] [ANTARES] [765 VESSELS] [Carrying: 23 million Nexus ICPs, 1,500 tanks, 100,000 men] [Leviathans: Scipio Africanus, Bastion of Fortitude]

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