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Sneople Empire

Sneople Empire Symbol

What's Rightfully Ours.


SAP1 Galaxy,
Milky Way Galaxy,
Elsewhere (?)


SAP1 Galaxy (?)



Tier Tier 0



"Snake People, or Sneople, have infiltrated the highest levels of (virtually) all governments."

The Sneople Empire, commonly known simply as the Sneople, is a Tier 0 Admin Race that has infiltrated governments across the Milky Way Galaxy for the express purpose of wiping out most inhabitants of the galaxy and claiming it exclusively for the empire and those few races selected as food sources, including the Ijushir Imperium and the Ta'u Dominion. The Empire is behind numerous instances of vandalism, destruction, and unexplained accidents and failures across the galaxy and are the source of the Y4N-G1R1 outbreak.

The Sneople are supposedly home to a far off irregular galaxy, which is officially the location of events from the original Stellar Adventures Project. A fleet consisting of a coalition of major powers from this galaxy officially arrived in Unified Earth Government space to warn the Milky Way powers of the Sneople plot and to assist in preparing a resistance to said plot, though so far little action has been taken by Milky Way powers on the mounting Sneople threat.

The Sneople have in recent months become locked in evenly matched combat across the Milky Way with the forces of the Hyrene Pact and Precursors.

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