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The Shalimari system, located in the Joldora Range, is a colonized system of the United Confederation of Systems and the home system of the primitive Tier 7 Limari people who are located on the planet Limar. The colonization of the Shalimari system has proven to be highly controversial and has at many points throughout the process of its settlement resulted in several legal, political, and cultural battles across the United Confederation. Presently, the Limari remain undisturbed with no percieved awareness of the Confederation's presence in their system or on their homeworld, with almost 20,000 colonists in the system already though this number has stopped growing after recent legal rulings, and the Native People's Protection Act has formally prohibited breaking this status quo and established strict guidelines and oversight for all ongoing and future research of the Limari and colonization of the Shalimari system.

Current research involves extensive observation of the Stone Age civilization including continuing research of their basic language and its various dialects, the most common one, dubbed Limarisian Prime, officially being recognized by law as equal to all other major languages of the Confederation in a largely symbolic move that some legal experts have proposed only further complicates the status of the Limari. With mining commencing on the two other more barren, rocky worlds of the Shalimari system, the debate over the fate, rights, and status of the Limari has no end in sight.

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