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The Sang'Han Dominion

The Sang'Han Dominion is an agglomerate of three races. These races are the Sang'Han, a rat like race, the Vliksoth, an race of technopaths, telepaths , and telekinetics, and the Auz'iks, are a durable and strong race that make good workers. The Sang'Han Dominion has no home world and rather lives in an armada of 53,000 ships. 50 of these ships are population ships capable of housing half a billion people each.

The Sang'Han (Sang-Han)

The Sang'Han are a rat like people that are just down right evil. They are tricksters, warmongers, and foul creatures. They tend to range from 5'9" to 5'11" in height sport short fur that tends to only grow an inch at most. They founded the Sang'Han Dominion and forced the Vliksoth to join and basically enslaved the Auz'iks. These vile behaviors have led to the revolt of the Vliksoth and Auz'iks.


The Doeriki are a race of orc like creatures that were brainwashed by the Sang'Han into unquestionable allegiance. The Doeriki are in complete ignorance of their home planet's destruction by the Sang'Han after a mass abduction and brainwash of their race.

Planets and Notable Items

Sang'Han Drone

Sang'Han Mothership. Drones look the same but are fighter sized.

The Motherships

The Motherships are three planet sized pyramids that normally travel the galaxy around the galactic rim. Each one holds 20,000 ships of different classes and hundreds of thousands of drones. They are equipped with thousands of small shield generators that work to protect the ship. Power shifts from different generator zones depending on where enemy fire is coming from. Each ship carries around 3 billion people and produces food for the population. All food comes from the highly adaptable Zek bug and is tasteless. The ship has point defenses weapons to repel landing craft, fighters, and any ships that get to close as well as laser canons. These are secondary defenses and the Mothership's fleets are considered primary defenses. Power to the ships are provided by solar panels on the exterior and 8 gargantuan Corvun reactors.


Corvun is the key to all Sang'Han and Uniformity space movements. Without Corvun, the two superpowers would be helpless and powerless. Corvun is an orange semi-metal substance found deep within many planets. Corvun Reactors are found on every single Sang'Han and Uniformity ship and tend to give off an orange glow. Corvun itself isn't lethal but the processes of turning it into a power source make it a dangerous substance and therefor certain precautions must be taken to protect ships using a Corvun Reactor.

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