Ryionian War
(Something years, Something months, Something weeks and Something days)
Location Vargnar, Xelen, etc,
  • Vargnar is destroyed
  • Jek and Xelen unite into the Xelryion Empire




Commanders and leaders

Vargnar Army

Jek Army

Xelen Army

Many ships, numerous soldiers, etc,

8,000,000 Soldiers, Thousands of hovercraft, etc,

11,000 Soldiers

Casualties and losses

Total Dead:  Nearly the entire navy and Army

Total Wounded: Unknown

Total Dead: Unknown, possibly high

Total Wounded: Uknown

Under Casualties and Losses please list if they were Killed, Missing/Captured, Wounded, or Injured/Diseased/ Other Medical*
* "injured, diseased, or other medical": required medical air transport.  number includes "aeromed evacuations"

'**'Total deaths include all additional deaths due to increased lawlessness, degraded infrastructure, poorer healthcare, etc.

The Ryionian War was a war that lasted 6 years before Jek and Xelen had emerged victorious.


After Vargnar, Jek and Xelen had landed on Ryionia, all of them rushed for territory. Jek, However, only wanted a portion of the north above Xelen. Xelen ruled most of the eastern continent. Vargnar had took all of the western continent unopposed, giving them a good advantage against the other two nations. Vargnar went into a mass production of aircraft, but that was mostly the only thing they were focusing on. The military was mostly what came with Vargnar, and only 5,000 men were recruited into the military in the first year of landing on Ryionia.

Before the 3 nations had arrived, Vargnar hated Xelen due to them escaping Earth with most of their population, while Vargnar escaped with only a handful of their population, the rest were destroyed along with the Earth. Because of this, when the 3 nations arrived, one year later, Vargnar fought both of them and managed to steal their ships.

Battle of Xinglur (1 day, 2 hours and 18 minutes)

Xinglur was owned by Xelen, and Paron was owned by Jek. They were only bases at the time, and were being built. Vargnar had invaded both nations bases because their fleets were stationed there, And they believed with their ships, they could have a better foothold on Ryionia.

Xelens fleet had atleast 27 battleships and 187 Passenger ships.

Vargnar had atleast 23 battleships and 84 Passenger ships.

Vargnar had invaded the coast of Xelen first, and began to bombard Xinglur. The Xelen fleet began to fight off the Vargnars fleet, however, Vargnar were focusing on boarding the Xelen ships, and managed to capture 8 Xelen ships, however 7 other Xelen ships fought off the boarders, while the rest destroyed the shuttles coming for them.

Vargnar, Despite their best efforts, could not take over the entire Xelen fleet, so they decided that if they couldn't have them, no one could. They began to shoot down the Xelen fleet with their fleet, and the captured ships. Vargnar had lost 7 ships in the battle, with Xelen losing 19, and the rest captured.

After the battle in the sky, Vargnar continued bombarding the Xinglur base, litterally reducing it to nothing more than scattered metal and smoke. 1,500 Xelen died in the bombardment, and even more in the battle up above.

Vargnar Invasion of Xelen

After the Battle of Xinglur, Xelen had declared war on Vargnar. Vargnar had made the remains of Xinglur a base of operations to plan an invasion of the rest of Xelen.

Vargnar was mustering an army of 750,000 soldiers to invade all of Xelen, But what they didn't know is that Xelen had a gigantic army of 8,000,000 waiting for them. Vargnar sent the army in their fleet and landed at Xinglur. The Vargnar Fleet had gone and went towards other Xelen bases to destroy them, but Xelen had just completed AA guns and managed to destroy 3 Vargnar ships. Vargnar, obviously was going to lose, pulled out and went back to the west.

Vargnar had begun a mass production of shuttles, fighters and ships, and 5 were made in just 6 weeks. Vargnar also realized they had destroyed all Xelen schematics in Xinglur, so Xelen couldn't make anymore ships.

The Vargnar army began marching through Xelen territory, heading for another base, Quesed.

Battle of Quesed (2 months, 8 hours and 27 minutes)

2,000,000 Xelen troops were stationed at Quesed, so the Vargnar were walking into a hellzone. Xelen had loads of turrets and hovertanks on the walls and inside the base, and thousands of landmines outside the walls waiting for the Vargnar. When the army arrived, the landmines butchered hundreds of troops, and loads more injured.

When they got to the wall, turrets and grenades began firing on the Vargnar. 4,000 hovertanks went out to


Vargnar forces advancing into Quesed

fight the invaders. after losing 500, the hovertanks went back into the base, but not after killing 869 Vargnar troops. After 3 more hours of fighting, Vargnar had blown up the very thick gate, and began pouring into the base, capturing the wall and nearby buildings, but deep in the base, thousands of Xelen forces were waiting, waiting to give hell to the invaders.

As the invaders pushed through the base, fighting through waves of defenders, snipers began to bring down officers, so Vargnar troops went into the tall defensive towers to wipe them out, but there were C4 explosives on the doors, and when they came in, they were blown up. But the snipers were running out of C4, so they were soon killed after they had ran out of C4. Hovertanks had flanked the attackers from the side, and had began cutting off the others and trapped the ones in front, wiping them out. The hovertanks blocked the streets from the Vargnar from advancing, and defenders could finally halt the force. Soldiers began to build up at the blockades, keeping the Vargnar back.

After defending the streets for days, the Xelen defenders started to push through, reclaiming streets and buildings, pushing the Vargnar back slowly, and soon the Vargnar began to be trapped in buildings for days, with barely any food or water, however keeping the Xelen defenders from killing them due to stolen C4. These trapped troops, instead of killed, had died due to hunger and thirst, and even suicide. Meanwhile, the Xelen defenders were pushing the Vargnar through the streets, and the Vargnar were getting close to the gates, and were quickly pushed right out of the base. However, celebrations were cut short, as the Vargnar called in the fleet instead to bombard Quesed, like they did with Xinglur.

However, the Xelen forces knew the Vargnar would attack Quesed with their fleet too, so they had secretly built AA guns underground. The defenders raised them up, and the AA guns began firing on the fleet. The fleet was trying their best to fight the AA guns, but they had already lost 2 ships, so they quickly routed. Xelen had won the battle.

Vargnar lost: 342,294

Xelen lost: 12,169

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