The Righteous Wuth-Ogiirian Order was a religious sect that developed on their home world of Arterious Levaticus. This order, centered around their people the Wuth-Ogirrian race, was a powerhouse of faith and culture some time ago. Although, not much to go on but decrepit records, they were in a stage of massive civil unrest, corruption, and internal failure. Not much is known otherwise, with the exception of their knowledge of genetic manipulation ability. As examination of their species has found that they have left several genetic "Calling Cards" in their DNA. Other than this, their history has been lost to time.

Wuth Ogrian Biology

Called "Worms", the Wuth Ogrian people are biologically simple people. They can reach a length of 9 meters, and weigh over 63 kg. These people are simplistic at first, but can meld themselves to another one of their own kind to amplify their knowledge and ability. Enough of these people can be melded together to become something larger and more powerful by result. Not much else is known, as their biology is all we have to go off of them, as their old culture is long gone.

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