The Republic of Edenfrost is of human orgins. In the year 2086, a team of humans led by Field Commander Leonard Athequist Augustus left New Earth in search of new planets. After the discovery of many new systems and planets, the population of new earth slowly diminished, most of them had migrated to new planets. A decent amount of earth's population migrated to the planet of EdenFrost. For the past few years, there was no peace and order. Slowly, the Military slowly started to form a government, selecting it's best officers to run the planet. These men, formed the Republic of Edenfrost.


Many humans decided to settle on Edenfrost as it is rather similar to earth.The temperature is cold and frigid, and there are no seasons, only winter. The valuable resources that Edenfrost can provide are: Water: Water can not only be found on earth, but also on Edenfrost. Tiberium: Tiberium is a precious metal used to charge bullets with High-Heat capabilities, sheilds used on War vessels for defense, and in some cases, As a power source. Byfar, there are two types of Tiberium, Blood Tiberium, is reddish in colour, And resembles a red-Coloured crystal. These are used to charge Bullets and cannon rounds on ships. When the bullets are ready to fire, they can puncture shields. The process of processing the Tiberium is done in refineries across the planet, and is called "Lasering". Green Tiberium, like Red Tiberium, also resembles a crystal, these Metals are processed and fitted into power cores that could power a ship's shields for 3 years. Though, the tiberium will deplete faster when taking fire from High-Heat weapons. Because, when the shields are hit, the core will distribute more tiberium charging to the shields. That is how the shield power left on a ship is measured. Though, all ships have a critical Low tiberium mark. When the tiberium is nearly depleted, it will slowly regenerate by itself. This is a natural process, and will most likely cause the ship to break apart in the event of mass regeneration. Though, it could take up to 4 weeks for tiberium to naturally generate, therefore, alot of money was spent on purchasing TSCDs (Tiberium Shielding charging device)s, which allows tiberium to to regenerate at an extreme rate. It can take up to 20 minutes to get back to full charge. There have also been sightings of Black Tiberium in the desolate part of the planets.


In the year 2091, Space Pirates attacked Edenfrost, attempting to steal the planet's resources. How the pirates actually managed to invade, was by posing to be an ally of New Earth, and when they least expected it, the pirates striked. Edenfrost was recovered within 7 months of brutal fighting. After learning their lesson, the Republic of Edenfrost became very hostile to unidentified ships, troops, and factions. Their hatred for Space Pirates continue to run deep in them to this very day.

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