This are the regulations you will have to follow as soon as you are a part of the Stellar Adventures Project.

Taking in mind it is 2703 and placing in a little bit of realism, with the resources planets usually have.

Space Stations:

The space stations are those orbiting a planet or have their own orbit.

  • Orbital Defense Stations: Can go from 5 to 100, they usually orbit a planet on a geosynchronus orbit.
  • Orbital Repair Stations: There may be up to 15 repair stations. They repair around 100 ships per day.
  • Orbital City: Rare and usually only Tier 1 factions may build them. They have their own orbits or orbit a planet that is uninhabitable.


  • Scout Group: Scout Groups usually vary from 15 to 30 ships.
  • Small Fleet: Usually go from 50 to 95 ships.
  • Medium Fleet: 100 to 500 ships.
  • Large Fleet: 500 to 2000 ships.
  • Invasion Force: Consists of at least 3 medium size fleets in order to qualify.

NOTE: Fleets of million ships are completely outlawed.


A colony is a settlement away from your home planet, however it has to meet up the following criteria to qualify as one.

  • The planet/moon is terraformed and/or is able to be inhabited by your race.
  • Has enough resources to become self-sustaintable.
  • Has a garrison large enough to keep up citizens safe.
  • Has several spaceports/realiable access for spaceships to drop resources.
  • After being completely developed the colony must keep affiliated with it's home planet.

Parasite Races are outlawed for the time being.

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