This photo was taken in 2730.

The Regimentation was a pre-war, confidential, government installation located in Bresdin. It is where the Department of War, Department of Navy, Department of Aeronautics and Department of Advanced Systems were controlled from. The heads of government all gathered in the Regimentation during any situations in which the security of the government or the armed forces were compromised. It is from here that orders were issued to the OCL B.T. The Regimentation was built from 2714 to 2725 during the period of peace leading up to the Merited Uprising.


In 2714, a surplus of treasury funds was diverted to combat engineering, which was the largest unit serving in construction of government facilities in the country. The security of the armed forces' and the government's information stashed in one location was controversial, ever since it had been entrusted in Nelson National Arms Depot in 2690, which had several recorded break-ins. A 100-acre piece of property was layed in the outskirts of Bresdin. The initial mass-dig of the property uplifted 2 and a half million tons of soil, primarily because of the construction of the actual Regimentation facility, which was located underneath the surface. Construction was finished and the soil was reposited by 2717.

Construction of the surface installation began in 2719 after a 2 year break due to a government shutdown caused by a split legislation. In 2723, the buildings to be inhabited by the 4 branches of the armed forces were opened. Each branch received 2 buildings, and how they would use those 2 buildings were their preference. By December of 2724, the whole surface installation was completed, but opening the Regimentation was halted due to new turret security systems becoming available from Bullet-Tec. Turret systems were in place, and by April of 2725, the Regimentation opened.

Appointment of tasks

Between 2726 and 2732, it was primarily tasked with regular, day-to-day monitoring and paperwork of the branches of the armed forces and the government. The central building was headed by the Ministry of Intelligence, where the lightest, and the heaviest, most confidential information of the S.E. government was stashed. In 2732, the Fergeinen invasion of Gaulla forced the S.E. to convert much of the Regimentation into a military science-based facility, for the research and development of future weapon systems. Its tasks remained as that.

On January 5th of 2742, during the brief 2 hours that the Last War was in motion, the Regimentation's subterranean installation was sealed.


After the bombs fell, the subterranean facility was sealed shut. Soon, civil control broke down, and a faction developed under the installation, known as the Regiment. It dedicates its scientific abilities to both terra-forming and military technology, in the hopes that in the future, it will be able to emerge and reclaim the Wasteland.

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