Overview of Morin

The Morin are an intelligent race of beings skilled with machines and most things domestic, making them an excellent half to the URSS.  They are pacifistic, save for their small, dedicated warrior society.


The Morin originate from the world of Sunfras, a semi-arid plains world with relatively little large, predatory life, unlike its sister world of Mansora.  Achieving spaceflight some fifteen years after the promethians, with fewer ruins to base their technology from, they have entered a golden age since the joining between the two governments.

Appearance and habits

The Morin are of a rather average stature, easily comparable to humans, though less durable.  The Morin are plant-leaning omnivores, basing most of their diet from agriculture rather than livestock.  They have blue skin, with flat membranes covering their hearing canal rather than an external ear.  Their most noticible trait, aside from the skin, is the lack of a nose.  Instead, this is replaced with a large pit where the nose would normally be, leading to olfactory nerves just under the skin inside.  Morin males have little body hair, save for very small, thin bristles that were originally used to detect changes in the wind.  Morin females have a head of short, thin, smooth hair, in addition to the barely-noticeable body hair. 

Morin stand at anywhere from 1.6 to 2.1 meters in height, with three fingers and a thumb on each hand.


Due to their relatively fragile bodies (especially compared to their planetary neighbors), Morin use advanced technology as a crutch, especially on the battlefield.  They specialize in lightweight, high power weapons, such as the AER series laser rifle or the newer Phased Energy Pulse technology.


The Morin specialize in high-efficiency lightning warfare and long range attacks, paralelling with their aversion to close combat and weak melee capabilities.  They use lightly armored mechs and hovercraft to outmaneuver and pick off slower enemies, though their methods tend to clash with their ally, the Promethians, who use creeping, overpowering attrition warfare.

Going in line with their military preferences, their military consists of lightweight attack craft and highly mobile commando teams, filling in the fast-attack niche in the URSSAF.

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