Prasayan Deployment Information

As you know, the UCPR is split into seven great houses. Each house has its own fleet and army, but generally, they all follow the same technological path, especially with infantry technology. (MCC, BattleNet, Etc)

House Kriani of Acelyos


House Kriani is known for their aggressive, and brutal direct combat fleet tactics. If you find a fleet of House Kriani against you in combat, expect to be boarded by motherfucking space marines while your shots dangle uselessly against powerful shields. However, don't expect to be hit hard by heavy guns. They focus more on defense and shield power than onboard offensive power.

House Kriani currently fields 1,000 ships in active duty, and garrisons a military space station in orbit. With roughly 300,000 sailors with 10,000 space marines, their fleet is to be feared of. House Kriani has the strongest shields in the market.

Notable ships are the "Egg" a strike craft the size of a fighter, containing 2-3 squads (12-18) of space marines used to drill into the enemy ship and board it. Armed with two rapidly-firing lasguns designed to be used against enemy strike craft.


House Kriani's army protects Roulans and its surrounding agricultural lands. Their army is also known for brutal direct combat tactics, using a combination of very mobile armored and normal, heavy armored, they are known to surround their enemies, establish a perimeter and mercilessly hammer the general area with artillery.

House Kriani does not have much of an infantry force, using mostly automatons. Not that their infantry has much firepower, they are mostly meat shields. Or should I say, metal shields. :33333

Notable armored divisions are the "Patunka Packs" which are divisions of fast and mobile armored called Patunkas. Patunkas are exclusive to House Kriani, and are armed with a laser autocannon used to mow down infantry and light armored. The autocannon can also angle themselves to a maximum of 160 degrees, making it useful for anti-air purposes.

House Kriani controls 4 million automatons as its infantry force, and around 300,000 armored automatons as its infantry force. House Kriani also controls 500,000 organic infantry personnel to crew armored in case of a lack of MCC.


House Kriani's aircrafts are the most brutal of all. Controlled fully by automatons, House Kriani has no bombers. Instead, they have aircraft filled with explosive charges, who purposefully crash into entire enemy divisions, warships or armored.

Their fighter force is considered average, having no special models.

Notable aircraft are "Radicals" mentioned above. Filled with advanced explosive charges, one can take down entire divisions, or a medium-sized frigate if a direct hit is achieved.

House Kriani controls 20,000 strike craft, and 10,000 Radicals.


These motherfuckers are one brutal little shits.

House Dromi

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