The Phyten are a telepathic race that can control most life forms with a weaker mind, there have been genetic tests to improve this feature,but that resulted in the Great Gaurdians. They use artificial brains in their machines, so they can control it from far away, but once the machine is destroyed, so is the mind of the Phyten. They have average strength, and are fairly agile.

Features: They range from 7-9 feet tall mostly, have Black skin with Red lines across them. This is a natural pigment, and a result of their bodies absorbing the elements that made them psychic. The Phytens are indigenous to the world Phyocious in the Vrinagen star cluster.

Attitude: They are mostly peaceful, but when provoked can become very aggresive and unforgiving, they have even gone so far as, using their Telepathy to make the Enemy commit suicide, or torture himself. They are loving and loyal to Royals, and their Family, but Family comes first.

Weaknesses: They HATE the cold. I cannot stress that more than that, they just hate it.

Tongue: They speak Vrinagenis, sounds like sped up and slurred English.



Royals: They are the leading families in the Phyten culture, what they say goes, but they must agree on it.

Family: The Male is the leader of the house, but the wife has almost just as much say, Exp, If the man says he wants a certian food for dinner that night, and the wife and kids disagree, the father is overruled.



Gaurdians: Greatly skilled with telepathy and standing 7-10 feet tall. These monsters are to be feared, they control the Motherships, and Gaurd the Royals. There are only 18 that surve in the Military the rest are gaurds for the royal family.

Imps: Weak, fast, and Agile. They attack in large numbers with small arms and light armor. Easy to deal with by themselves.

Soldier: A normal foot men, basic.

Great Gaurdians: A result of genetic experimentation, these beings have stunted psychic abilities. Standing 7-10 feet tall, they have immense physical strength, and are extremely durable. They are rare, and slow, but they are extremely fearsome fighters.

General: A Phyten apointed by Royals, who has shown skill in battle.

Airmen: Skilled with Mech-Telepathy.

Armormen: Skilled with Mech-Telepathy.


Weapons of Mass Destuction

Viotech Laser: Turns anylife form within 1-3 miles, into Crazed cannibals for 20-30 mins.

Hydra: Causes mutations, and radiation Poisoning.

Skylight: *rarely used and only have 2 in stock, Hard to manufactor* Evaporates all life within 100-150 miles.

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