The peramavoites descends from birds. They themselves have the ability to fly, as well as being covered in feathers. 

They live about 4 times as long as humans. But in return, they have a lowered fertility. A couple usually only gives birth to 2 children in their lifetime. 3 children are a little below the half. 


The peramavoites are seen in 7 different feather colors, with 2 others being recorded at least once.

blue, green, red, orange, purple, yellow and brown.

While the first 6 colors are treated equally, the brown colored ones are looked down upon.

The other 2 colors are white and black, but they have only been seen on 2 different peramavoites.

Republic of Peramavoite

The race currently counts 3 millions within the Republic of Peramavoite, with no other sightings outside.

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