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Pavond City, the capitol of the Terran Empire, is a cultural, social, and economic center. It is occupied by the wealthy and influential, and no where else in the entirety of the Empire, will you find such a vast concentration of brilliant minds.


 Pavond is a new city built in honor of Kenth Pavond, uniter of the Terran people. The city was built after Pavonds assasination, in order to commemorate his great sacrifice to his people. The city was built as a exposition of the greatest of all Terran technology.


Most of the city was created by one team of architects who designed the entire city and all of it's buildings. The architects took a very modern approach, hoping to symbolize the new era for the Terran people. All the buildings are contructed in the same color scheme adding to a feeling of peace while in the city.

City Services

 Pavond city is the safest, cleanest, and most technilogically advanced city in the greater part of the galaxy. The streets are able to absorb any garbage or mess that falls on them, then sending it to a treatment facility. Everything in the city can be automated. Even the majority of the police force is automated, most officers being robotic beings with the ability to absorb into the walls of buildings. The city has a crime rate of nearly 0%. Even the windows of most buildings are able to absorb the sunlight and convert it into energy for the habitants of the city. All power not provided by the sun is created in the fusion plant, laying right outside the downtown area.

City Events

 Pavond City is widly known for it's extravegant celebrations. Hardly a night goes by where there is not a parade of some sorts, or a large party celebrating some sort of accomplishment. The Emperor, himself, is often known to host large parties outside the Capitol building where all Terrans are invited to attend, and perhaps, get a chance to meet the Emperor.

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