Pao 1 is a system in an unknown area of space, and is home to Pao, also home to many races. There are over 8 planets, with all of them having at least one moon.


Pao is a terrestrial planet in Pao 1, and one of the only terrestrial planets in the system. It is home to the Paonath Federation, a Tier 3 nation. It has one moon, Lesser Pao.


Generes is a rocky planet in Pao 1. It is a very rocky planet, with many mountains and volcanoes, along with valuable minerals within. With the right technology, it is inhabitable. It has four moons, called Zerkhancia, Taylis, Opanum, and Vasua.


Nand is an ice planet in Pao 1. It has a very flat surface, with little to no mountains. It is completely coated in ice. It has one moon, Konrai.


Desyna is a Jovian planet in Pao 1. It has a red surface, and any attempts to enter it's atmosphere will completely destroy the object.

Pao 5

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