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The Orius, or Ori, are a highly advanced non-player race. Once, tens of millions of years ago, the Orius and the Lanteans used to be one, and called themselves the Alterans. A split occured; The Orius (Extremely relegious), and the Lanteans (Believed that science was the way). Because the Lanteans did not wish to cause a war, they tried negotiating for peace. In the end, the Lanteans number grew too few, concluding them to move far, far, far, away. Aka the Milky Way Galaxy. From then on, the Orius went around, teaching people of thier ways. If they did not follow Origin, then the race were to be wiped out. The Orius also used thier technology to trick people; brain wash them. Yet they could not reach Ascencion. Which was what they were working on when they were Alterans. Why? because the Lanteans destroyed all the advanced tech that would make the Orius super over powered.

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