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The Nyrac system

Star: Nyrac


Planet 1: Nyvexean (similar to earth)

Nyvexean satalight picture

Satalight picture

Moon 1:Vexon Moon 2:Ragnor Moon 3:Bledrix Moon 4:Vindor Moon 5:Cilon

Planet 2

Planet 2: ( Barren Wasteland. Temperature 100F_-100f) Moon 1: Moon 2: Moon 3:

Planet 3

Planet 3: (Water World [depth UNKNOWN]. tempeture 150f_50f)

Planet 4

Planet 4: (Gas Giant. Temperature 900C_10,000C) Moon 1: Moon 2: Moon 3: Moon 4: Moon 5: Moon 6: moon 7: moon 8: moon 9:

planet 5

Planet 5: (Gas Giant. Temperature 300C_400C) Moon 1: Moon 2: Moon 3:

Planets 6 & 7

Planet 6: (Similar to Mercury) Planet 7: (Similar to Mercury)


Asteroid belt 1: [Resources UNKNOWN] Asteroid belt 2: [Resources UNKNOWN]

I put numbers on the planets. Read the moon numbers Clock wise starting at the 12 and ending at 12. I Don't name the planets in less colonized. Don't name the moon in less colonized or host planet is colonized

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