Welcome To The Naratovian Union (Class 2)

The Naratovian Union (NTVU) is a union of several planets orbiting a super dense neutron star known as Altibar 1. More information can be found below.

Symbols And Important Monuments

The Flag Of The Naratovian Union

The Naratovian Union Flag

The flag of The Naratovian Union (The Blackened Star [See right]) conveys it meaning in several ways. The Sphere in the upper-left corner is Altibar itself. The 7 specs around it as well as the stripes on the flag represent the 7 planets in the home system. The 4 points of the star in the center represent the 4 pillars of morality (A set of beliefs firmly governing the union, in a sense a constitution [See The Government]) The gold of said central star represent the molten metal (Element 127 [See Volatarium in resources]) that flows freely on the home world of Volatar.

The Palace Of The God King

The Palace Of The God King is very self explanatory. Imagery to be inserted.

The Government

The Naratovian Union is governed by 4 systems. They are described below.

The God King

The God King is a figure head for the government and the head general of the ground forces of The Union, and is in charge of assuring all soldiers follow the strict honorary code set long ago by The First (See History). They are raised from birth for their job and are selected from a pool of others by The Four (See The Four). Those who are rejected are then accepted as some of the great admirals, generals, and scholars that serve in The High Command (See The High Command)

The Council Of The People

The Council Of The People is a gathering of 3,525 randomly selected civilians of various backgrounds and cultures that determine the domestic policies (Industry, economics, agriculture, etc.) of The Union, on all of it's worlds.

The High Command

The high command is the unions greatest admirals, generals, and scholars that control all orbital movements, from inter-planetary trade to battle fleet movements. They are one of the most important systems in the union and can only be joined if selected by The Four (See The Four) or The God King (See The God King)

The Four

The four is by far the most important system in The Union. Four men, selected by a birthmark that is only seen 10 years before a members death on 1 child born in the capital, that are raised for their respective position They give up their names, their homes, and all claims to inheritance (They are however still a part of their birth family and may see them whenever they wish). They are the final voice on all decisions made by the other 3 systems of government and make decisions based on the four pillars.


Truth is the responsibility of all the systems to not lie to the four. To lie to the four is the greatest crime that one can commit and one of the few that lead to a sentencing to banishment to Forrocar (See The Altibar System)


Justice is the obligation that all opinions are taken into account. The fair judgment of all, weather they are a civilian Naratovian, or a green alien with tentacles and 27 eyes, all must be judged the same.


Honor is the enforcement of honor among the people and the military. It is defined by The Code Of Honor made by The First (See History)


Duty is the obligation of all members of The Union to do their part and follow the commands of The Four and the other 3 systems.

The Domain Of The NTVU

The Below is a description of all systems and planetoids in The Union

The Altibar System

  1. Altibar: Altibar is a super-dense neutron star (Google it folks). For a neutron star it is surprisingly stable.
  2. Keriloga: Keriloga is a tiny mercury like planet orbiting 47 million kilometers from Altibar. It's only life is living in a large research station. It is tidally locked and as such one entire side of the planet is covered in solar panels. A planetary small shield has been established to stop the constant impacts of meteorites on the surface.
  3. Haritobus: Haritobus is a mars like planet with a large network of underground tunnels and caves running underground, leading to a massive hidden ecosystem. Haritobus is the manufacturing center of the system, and has a tri-layer shield over its thin atmosphere 92 million kilometers from Altibar.
  4. Garnolius: Garnolius is a Venus sized earth-like planet known for it's rich biological diversity. At 137 kilometers from the sun it is in the "goldylocks" zone. It provides 70% of all the food in the system while it only houses 23.214436721% of the population.
  5. Volatar: Volatar is the homeworld of the union species (The Volatarians, duh). It houses 57% of the population and is the capitol of the union. Volatarium flows molten across the surface of the world (See volatarium in resources).
  6. Rachabat: Rachabat is a desert world covered in toxic water. Most life would fine it hard to survive on such a desolate planet but the union species, who are adapted to the harsh lands of their homelands, find it to be a more natural home then Garnolius, the nearby earth-like.
  7. Durandon: Durandon is a small mars-like that is believed to be an ex moon of Rachabat. Not much is know to the civilians of the union about the world, but it is believed to house several government facilities.
  8. Forrocar: Forrocar is a behemoth ice planet on an extremely odd orbit. It is approxamately the size of neptune and is rich in minerals. It is the primary source of minerals for the system and it several low quality work camps on the surface are used as prisons for the worst of crimes, with little food and no hope for escape.

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