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The Menapso system, located in the Anikar Cluster, is a colonized system of the United Confederation of Systems. A binary system with two hostile worlds, the Menapso system is only loosely populated by the crew of a small station run by the Spacefleet Authority and a temporary population of miners on the first world of the system. There have been proposals to terraform the second planet of the system, Menapso II having liquid water covering almost 10% of its surface as well as having small, permanent polar ice caps though also having an extremely dense and toxic atmosphere, however the Spacefleet Authority is currently conducting a five-year investigation into the plausibility and likely cost of such a plan and no progress can be expected until much after that report's publication.

The Menapso system is one of the only two systems in the United Confederation to share a border with the Holy Nocturean Empire, the other being the Tranichs system, and along with Yajoria also directly borders the Feroxi Federation though Tranichs, Jor Novga Ser'vu, and Darlon also have less direct access to the Feroxi.

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