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Marine Spatiale

Arion navy3

Motto: "Honneur et Patrie"

Active:  2307

Size: Several fleets, defensive stations, etc.

Headquarters: New Marseille, Vosges

Garrison: Fort Bonaparte, Fort Joffre

Chief of Staff: Pierre Bernard

Navy Minister: Paul Émile Victor

The Arionesse Navy, officialy Marine Spatiale ("Space Navy") is the naval arm of the Arionesse Millitary, it's roles have been defined as protecting populations, preventing crises, intervening wherever deemed necessary to reestablish peace, and dissuading any threats against vital Arionesse interests.


  • Fleurie Fleet; 223 vessels; Flagship: ANS Foch
  • Battlegroup "Liberte"; 32 vessels; Flagship: ANS Charles de Gaulle
  • Battlegroup "Chasseurs"; 29 vessels; Flagship: ANS Alsace
  • Battlegroup "Guadeloupe"; 27 vessels; Flagship: ANS Martinique

Chain of Command

  • HIGHCOM: High Command, directs all orders from all branches of the Commonwealth Armed Forces.
  • FLEETCOM: Fleet Command, orders all the fleets and battlegroups, it receives direct orders from HIGHCOM.



Frigate 1
Backbone of any fleet, although lacking armor and firepower, Frigates are easy to maneuver and cheap to produce, this allows greater numbers and creates a formidable adversary, even for a battle-cruiser.
Frigate 2

The Pascal-Class light frigate has been in service since 2535, and has proved to be a worthy-of-attention vessel.

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