Mandorian is a denonym given to a collection of Human and Lombax species, the Lombax being a humanoid species with much longer ears with human bodies. This species was incorporated shortly after the humans arrived in their system. Or more so a coexistence was made between the two to become a new culture. 

As it stands, the Mandorians do not entirely "control" the five systems in their area of culture. They merely occupy and protect the free planets for their clans, not the planets other inhabitants.

The clans have often embarked on wars of expansion more recently to expand their influence against non-human races.


Clan leaders typically elect a Surpreme Leader, and he is called upon to lead in times of war and is expected to be a force on the battlefield and and political world to represent the clans interests.

Other than the Supreme Leader, clan leaders and military leaders from said clans are typically viewed as leaders.





Mandalorians by digitalinkrod

Mandorian soldiers.

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