The Lyrta Prime System   Edit

  • ===Huldra===

          Huldra is an extremely unstable planet consisting of almost completely molten elements. The planet has been deemed uninhabitable. While some companies have talked of mining Huldra, the surface is simply to hot and unstable to mine. It has almost no atmosphere.

  • ===Dreeno===

​          The Terran Empire is located on the planet Dreeno, the second planet in Lyrta Prime's system. Dreeno is a lush tropic planet with large oceans leaving little room for land masses. The planet consists mainly of small islands. There is, however, one large continent that the Terrans call home. The small islands littered accross the ocean provide excellent tourism spots, and are well known as being some of the most incredibly beautiful beaches in the galaxy. The planet sports a huge variety of biological life. Ranging from huge reefs stretching for hundereds of miles, showcasing some of the most wonderous marine life, to large rainforests, deep inland, that still hold many secrets. The Dreeno atmosphere is somewhat large compared to other planets, which is the only reason life exists on Dreeno. For, Lyrta Prime is highly radioactive.

  • Riedain

​          Riedain is an extremely small icy moon located near Dreeno, in which a space port, taking up the majority of the planets space, will be created. The space port will be the place where all future ships are constructed and launched. The port will also be where the majority of trade will take place. The moon itself has a, while breathable, very thin atmosphere. The average temperature of the moon is -12 degrees farenheit.

  • ===Kreys===

​          Kreys is a smaller planet, about half the size of Dreeno, and is extemely stable. There is a large amount of water in the ground, and has an average temperature of about 47 degrees farenheit.

  • ===Titaniust l===

​          A large gas giant, Titaniust l is the third planet from the Lyrta Prime sun. No solid surface can be found.

  • ===Titaniust ll===

​          Although much larger, Titaniust ll is composed of mostly the same elements as Titaniust l.

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