Lumheik is a planet of the Lum'tuk system, in the Joldora Range, with a mass over twice that of Earth. The planet is rich with life, and has several dominant species, in part due to the scattered nature of the planet's continents and landmasses. A huge diversity of life exists on the planet, with animals and plants being easily found in mountain ranges, rainforests, and a handful within the Arctic regions of the planet, which occupy 25% of the surface.


Lumheik has two nations vying for control of the planet, the Vla'tek Confederacy and the Union of Republics, among a handful of other much lesser developed nations which one by one fall under the spheres, and eventually the governments of these superpowers. Each superpower currently dominates the two biggest landmasses on the planet, leaving little room for other nations.

Lum'tuk System

Lumheik is located in the Lum'tuk system. The system has only two worlds, this being Lumheik and Lumthek. The system comprises of 6 planets, and a close companion star.


The first planet in the system is Lumheik, this being the only planet in the goldilocks zone of the stars. Lumheik is the only inhabited, and habitable world in the system.

Type Terrestrial World
Orbital Radius 1.10 x 108 km   (0.73 AU)
Period 4.90 x 103 hours   (0.56 earth years)
Physics Standard iron/silicate
Gravity 11.41 m/s2   (1.17 x earth)
Hydrosphere 33 % water, 3 % ice
Atmosphere Dense breathable
Special 3 small moons
Average Tier 4
Population 14 billion


Lumthek is a rocky world orbiting Lum'tuk just beyond Lumheik. The planets are regularly visible from each other's surface.

Type Terrestrial World
Orbital Radius 1.56 x 108 km   (1.04 AU)
Period 8.33 x 103 hours   (0.95 earth years)
Physics Small iron/silicate
Gravity 5.94 m/s2   (0.61 x earth)
Hydrosphere 0 % water, 18 % ice
Atmosphere Thin corrosive
Special Planetary rings


Lumpok is a small rock planet with few resources. It is located much further from Lum'tuk than the terrestrial planets.

Type Rock Planet
Orbital Radius 2.12 x 108 km   (1.42 AU)
Period 1.32 x 104 hours   (1.51 earth years)
Gravity 8.94 m/s2   (0.91 x earth)
Special 2 small moons


Type Rock Planet
Orbital Radius 3.97 x 108 km   (2.66 AU)
Period 3.39 x 104 hours   (3.87 earth years)
Gravity 9.41 m/s2   (0.96 x earth)
Special Large moon


Type Ice Planet
Orbital Radius 7.03 x 108 km   (4.70 AU)
Period 7.96 x 104 hours   (9.11 earth years)
Gravity 11.24 m/s2   (1.15 x earth)


Type Ice Planet
Orbital Radius 1.28 x 109 km   (8.56 AU)
Period 1.96 x 105 hours   (22.41 earth years)
Gravity 13.05 m/s2   (1.33 x earth)

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